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Buying & Selling Softwood Lumber & Panels

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Your essential guide to North American markets.

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A must-have for every training program, and loaded with useful information about the art of buying and selling wood products, this book is for working traders at all levels of the distribution chain — mill salespersons, wholesalers, retail buyers, and support personnel.

Practical information you and your employees can USE every working day.

Written by an industry insider who knows the business, and how it really works, it’s must reading for all of your sales or purchasing employees. This second edition was revised and expanded to include details on how to trade plywood and OSB. Other sections of the book about treated lumber, futures, and transportation have been updated to reflect changes affecting the industry.

Do you know the “20 Key Questions” every trader must ask and answer before a deal is concluded? Do your employees and coworkers know?

Here’s the stuff they never taught you in school. What you’ll find inside this valuable reference:

» The “20 Key Questions” every trader must ask and answer before a lumber or panel deal is concluded.

» The North American softwood lumber and panel marketplace, including species and products.

» The “business of trading” — how it’s really done.

» The manufacturing process, from the tree to the finished product (lumber and structural panels)

» The transportation process.

» The 12-step program for resolving claims.

» Special market sectors. Pressure-treated lumber, machien stress-rated lumber, non-panel engineered wood products, and international markets.

» The risks and rewards of futures trading

» A glossary of terms every trader must know.

» Study questions and answers, with page numbers and section headings.

» Detailed subject index.

Dave Lecky knows his stuff

Dave LeckeyHe’s had 30 years in the lumber business, as a trader and trading manager with a major wholesale firm, and including over 10 years writing about training and development in the industry. In writing Buying & Selling Softwood Lumber & Panels, he called on his own expertise, plus the input of industry veteran involved in all phases of the distribution process. The result is the best hands-on book about trading softwood lumber and panels ever produced.

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