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FileOpen is an Acrobat Reader plug-in required for viewing encrypted Random Lengths pdf files. Random Lengths is currently testing, and will be requiring at a future date to be announced, that all subscribers to Random Lengths newsletters in pdf format must have downloaded and installed the FileOpen plug-in for Adobe Reader in order to open and read their Random Lengths newsletters.

This plug-in is required to open Random Lengths newsletter PDF files encrypted by FileOpen rights management software, and is authorized by Adobe Systems to load in Adobe Acrobat and the free Adobe Reader.

The FileOpen plug-in is available to download and install from FileOpen Plug-in Installer web page at: Subscribers must also receive a registration email from Random Lengths in order to register the device they will be using the open and view the encrypted Random Lengths newsletter pdf files.

FileOpen® protects you as a paying subscriber:

  • Unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted reports costs paying subscribers through higher subscription rates. In other words, if everyone pays for the report(s) they receive, rates will be more economical.
  • Unauthorized redistribution of Random Lengths reports to locations other than the subscribing location violates U.S. and international copyright laws and agreements.

See the following documents for more information.

Registering with FileOpen

Since all Random Lengths publications are copyrighted, there is a short and simple process subscribers must go through in order to access their newsletter(s) in pdf file format.

They must first register their device(s) for use with FileOpen, an Adobe Reader plug-in used for reading encrypted files. It has been certified by Adobe and poses no risk to the security of a computer. Subscribers only need to install the program once.

FileOpen allows subscribers to open their newsletter pdf files on a specific computer or device (like a computer, iPad, or smartphone). Random Lengths files can only be unencrypted and viewed on a device that has been previously registered with Random Lengths using FileOpen.

It should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to complete the one-time registration.

Random Lengths FileOpen Registration File document


This is the file transmission that is sent to every pdf subscriber to register their device with the FileOpen plut-in. This file also includes the copyright page that is included with every Random Lengths pdf file transmission, and the subscriber agreement every Random Lengths subscriber agrees to when they make their subscription payment.

Random Lengths FileOpen Quick Start Guide


The Random Lengths FileOpen Quick Start Guide is a one page document with the basic steps required to complete FileOpen registration. This document is emailed to all PDF users to help them install the FileOpen plug-in so they can view Random Lengths newsletter files.

Random Lengths FileOpen Detailed Instruction Guide


The Random Lengths FileOpen Detailed Instruction Guide, for step-by-step information for installing the FileOpen plug-in for Adobe Reader on a computer or device (like a computer, iPad, or smartphone). There is a separate section for each operating system: Windows, Macintosh, or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

FileOpen FAQ & Tips and Tricks


This FAQ and Tipss & Tricks contain helpful information, and will be updated as subscribers ask questions about the new requirements to install the FileOpen plug-in for Adobe Reader.

FYI (For Your Information)

When you subscribe to a Random Lengths publication, you obtain a license to use the document with the following rights and restrictions:

  • You may register two devices to read your Random Lengths pdf files. Please contact Random Lengths for more information if you need to register additional devices.
  • The document cannot be forwarded or opened on a computer or device, unless it is one of the two devices you have registered with FileOpen.
  • Colleagues at the same physical company location as the subscriber can also register with FileOpen to view the report. Please contact Random Lengths for more information if you need to register additional readers for the same report.
  • You may be able to move the license if, for example, you purchase a new computer.
  • Changes to the document are prohibited, including the insertion and deletion of pages, or selecting text or graphical objects, which would allow copying and pasting of content.

All Random Lengths publications, including price guides and market reports, contain proprietary information and are protected by U.S. copyright laws and international copyright agreements.

When you paid for your subscription, you agreed that you will not copy or retransmit the report file, to other locations within or outside of your company, and that Random Lengths may track and monitor your use of our reports.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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