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Annual $245.00 $265.00
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REQUIRES 12-PAGE RANDOM LENGTHS SUBSCRIPTION (Postal or E-mail). Annual rates. Email PDF is a one year site license; reduced rates available for multiple subscriptions to Email PDF and Fax. XLS and DBF are a one year 1-25 user site license; 26 or more users is $495. Contact Random Lengths.

The Lumber Report is released at approximately 6:00 pm Pacific Time every Thursday, to be available at the beginning of the work day on Friday; delivery usually occurs within one hour. Random Lengths cannot guarantee delivery precisely at the release times for the report; delays in delivery can occur that are out of our control.

All rates and prices in U.S. dollars ($U.S.). Canadians, HST/GST for your province will be added. Foreign currency accepted at current exchange rates. Prices subject to change without notice.

Questions? Contact Random Lengths! Email: Toll-free (in U.S. and Canada), phone: (888) 686-9925, and fax: (800) 874-7979. Phone: (541) 686-9925, and fax: (541) 686-9629.

Random Lengths Lumber Report

Don’t listen to hearsay from the grapevine! Get Random Lengths price information and market news delivered by fax or e-mail as soon as it is released.

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The Random Lengths Lumber Report provides detailed explanations about the reasons some lumber products or species are selling better than others, why some items are difficult to find, and factors leading to price fluctuations. The report includes:

» Market Overview: An overview of market activity

» Dry Framing Lumber, including Spruce-Pine-Fir, Southern Pine, Inland, and Coast

» Green Framing Lumber, including Douglas Fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir, Stud Lumber

» Other Items, including Boards, Shop, Treated, Cedar, and Shingles & Shakes

» Lumber Market Indicators: An at-a-glance look at key lumber indicators, including the widely-watched Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price, which is a weighted average of prices of 15 key framing lumber items.

» Random Lengths Group Composites table and graphs

» Production, Sales, and Shipments Table: Weekly production, sales, shipment, and order file data are from the Western Wood Products Association

» Average Daily Canadian Shipments to the U.S. table

Fax transmissions The Random Lengths Lumber Reports by fax is transmitted automatically to your fax machine. Subscribers receive their reports via an automated fax broadcast service. Available in the U.S. and Canada.

E-mail PDF The Random Lengths Lumber Reports by e-mail are delivered to your e-mail address as a PDF file. Open, view on screen, and print files with Adobe Reader. Lumber e-mail PDF reports include Ups and Downs, with the change from the previously reported price shown on the price page.

E-mail Spreadsheet and Database The Random Lengths Lumber Reports are available in spreadsheet and database formats delivered to your e-mail address. Import and manipulate price data at your site; includes market commentary in ascii text format.

Transmission Schedule Released by 6:00 pm Pacific Time every Thursday, to be available at the beginning of the work day on Friday. Delivery usually occurs within one hour of the listed release time. The complete Random Lengths Lumber Price Guide and market commentary are included. NOTE: Delays in delivery of Internet e-mail messages can occur that are out of our control. We cannot guarantee delivery precisely at the release times for the reports.

Lumber prices are available on the web for subscribers of Random Lengths My Print at RLMYPRINT.COM  30-day no-obligation free trial. Create your own on-demand graphs and custom price reports. To view sample reports and additional information, and to sign up for your free trial, go directly to the Random Lengths My Print web site at RLMYPRINT.COM

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