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Canadian lumber production down in 2018
Canadian softwood lumber production in February totaled 2.20 billion board feet, down 2.4% from the same month a year ago, according to Statistics Canada. Through the first two months of 2018, total production hit 4.63 bbf, down 1.0% from the same period in 2017. Output in B.C. in February was 948.1 million board feet, down 7.8% from the same month a year ago. Through the first two months of 2018, production in B.C. was down 3.2%.

Mississippi sawmill operational by late July
Vicksburg Forest Products, LLC, headquartered in Jackson, Miss., plans to re-purpose the world-class lumber manufacturing operation in Vicksburg, Miss., formerly owned by Anderson Tully. Vicksburg Forest Products purchased the sawmill assets on May 15 and has already begun a significant investment project at the site with plans to be operational in late July 2018. Once modifications and upgrades are complete, the mill will be capable of producing up to 100 million board feet of Southern Yellow Pine annually on a one-shift basis. The mill will also be capable of complementing pine production with hardwood production as market conditions dictate.

Canfor to upgrade Southern Pine sawmill
Canfor Southern Pine will invest $40 million to upgrade its existing sawmill in Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina, the company announced this week. Canfor Southern Pine operates 14 manufacturing facilities in the South. The company's Camden facility has been in operation since 1983. The expansion will begin this year and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Angelina Forest Products plans new mill
Angelina Forest Products, LLC, Lufkin, TX, announced plans to build a new softwood lumber production plant in Lufkin, Texas. The company purchased the former General Electric Buck Creek site and will begin construction of a $100 million state-of-the-art sawmill this summer with plans to be operational in the second quarter of 2019.

Blanchet announces $25M project at Quebec mill
Matériaux Blanchet is proud to announce an investment of over $25 million to modernize its planing plant in Amos, Quebec. The company will be installing a state-of-the-art planer mill that will ensure its competitiveness over the next several years, increase the profitability of its lumber production and keep a maximum number of jobs in the area. For more, click here...

Resolute announces $13 million upgrade in Quebec
Resolute Forest Products Inc. (NYSE: RFP) (TSX: RFP) today announced major investments totaling $12,956,700 in its La Doré wood products facilities, located in the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec. The announcement was made during a press conference attended by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, as well as dignitaries and company employees. The investments will be used to integrate new technologies into the manufacturing processes in order to sustain the facilities' continuously enhanced performance in an ever-changing competitive environment. Also through these investments, energy efficiency will be improved as operational processes are modernized. For more, click here...

West Fraser tops Billion Board Foot Club
The annual WOOD Markets’ “Billion Board Foot Club” list of top global lumber companies showed further gains in production by 10 of the 13 companies making the list in 2017 (as compared to 2016 output). Three companies recorded output declines despite robust U.S. – as well as export – market demand (this was due mainly to timber supply issues in the B.C. Interior, the U.S. West and Chile). For more, click here...

Texas OSB mill presses first board
RoyOMartin has announced that, as of 10:18 a.m. April 24, team members at Corrigan OSB, L.L.C. safely made the first press-load of OSB. Construction began on the wood products facility in spring 2015. “Many thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen,” stated Terry Secrest, vice president of OSB and corporate safety director. “We will continue to test equipment until production ramps up in the very near future.”

Ontario sawmill upgrading
White River Forest Products is making more than $9.5 million in upgrades and creating new jobs at its sawmill near the north shore of Lake Superior. The money is geared toward new product development which requires additional debarking and drying capacity, and sawline modifications, including residual handling. For more, click here...

Maine producer expanding two sawmills
The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) recently awarded a $4,226,000 challenge grant from the Maine Technology Asset Fund 2.0 program to the Pleasant River Lumber Company. The $4.2 million will be used toward a $12 million expansion at Pleasant River Lumber’s mill on the Milo Road and a larger $20 million initiative between the Dover-Foxcroft location and the company’s Moose River Mill in Jackman. For more, click here...

Structural panel production down in 1Q
North American structural panel production fell 0.8% in the first quarter of 2018 when compared to the fourth quarter of 2017, according to APA -- The Structural Panel Association. OSB production fell 3.1% from the fourth quarter, but was up 2.0% from the first quarter of 2017. Plywood output in North America was up 4.1% from the fourth quarter of 2017, and up 1.4% from the first quarter of 2017. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2017, North American glulam production rose 10.8% in the first quarter of 2018. I-joist production increased 11.9% and LVL output was up 10.1% in the first quarter of 2018 vs. the fourth quarter of 2017. On a year-ago quarter basis, glulam production was up 11.2%, I-joist output increased 0.6%, and LVL production rose 5.1%.

U.S. lumber production up in January, Canada flat
U.S. lumber production in January totaled 2.90 billion board feet, up 8.6% from the same month a year ago, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Lumber Track publication. Output in the West showed the biggest increase, gaining 16.7% to 1.27 bbf. Production in the South gained 2.5% to 1.49 bbf. Total Canadian production in January reached 2.43 bbf, up 0.3%. Output in British Columbia gained 1.1% to 1.12 bbf, while production East of the Rockies dropped 0.4% to 1.31 bbf. Total North American production in January hit 5.32 bbf, up 4.6% from January 2017.

Western lumber production up 11.6%
Through February, lumber production in the western U.S. totaled 2.42 billion board feet, up 11.6% from the same period of 2017. Output in the Coast region reached 1.49 bbf, up 12.1% from the first two months of 2017. Inland output of 856 million board feet was up 9.7%. Production in February for the West was 1.15 bbf, down 9.1% from January, but 6.5% above the February 2017 total.

Survey: Prices soared but production was subdued
FEA Canada/WOOD MARKETS’ 2017 annual survey of “top 20” Canadian and U.S. lumber producers featured mixed production trends despite a runaway lumber market in the U.S. With few mill acquisitions, almost all of the production gains arose from improvements at existing mills. Of the top 40 companies, 8 in Canada and 6 in the U.S. recorded production declines — not the trend you’d expect during a time of near-record-high to record-high lumber prices. For more, click here...

Westervelt planning new sawmill in Alabama
A 130-year-old Tuscaloosa company is preparing to build a new lumber mill in south Alabama, which is expected to create more than 100 jobs and produce 250 million board feet annually. The Westervelt Co. said in a news release the new facility is still in the planning phase, but its specific location and design should receive final approval from its board of directors soon. The new mill will complement Westervelt’s existing lumber facility in Moundville, which the company called the second-largest southern yellow pine production facility in the United States. For more, click here...

Charles Ingram Lumber expanding in S.C.
Charles Ingram Lumber Co., a family-owned sawmill, is expanding its existing operations in Effingham, South Carolina. With $33 million of capital investment, the company is expected to create 22 new jobs. Serving the southeastern U.S. since 1931, Charles Ingram Lumber Co. owns timberland where trees are grown for pulpwood and saw timber. The company also operates a lumber mill, which produces approximately 120 million board feet of Southern Yellow Pine annually. The company will be adding a new dry kiln this year, which will enable them to dry an estimated 70 million board feet of lumber. The company will also begin construction on a new manufacturing line, which over the next several years, will provide a significant amount of the required additional production. For more, click here...

Biewer announces sawmill expansion
Responding to increased demand for their products, Biewer Sawmill plans to build a brand new facility on their property in McBain, Mich., and hire 17 additional workers. Shawn Johnstone, director of Michigan sawmills for Biewer, said they will be constructing a 50-by-350-foot addition to house new sawmilling equipment and a continuous dry kiln. "We needed to increase our drying capacity," Johnstone said. "This will increase capacity by 50%." For more, click here...

North American lumber production up 2.2% in 2017
Total U.S. lumber production for 2017 reached 33.9 billion board feet, up 4.2% from 2016, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Lumber Track publication. Output in the South totaled 18.2 bbf, a 5.1% increase from the previous year. Production in the West was up 3.0% to 14.1 bbf. Lumber production in Canada in 2017 was virtually unchanged from 2016 at 28.3 bbf. Output in British Columbia fell 4.5% to 13.0 bbf, while production East of the Rockies gained 4.1% to 15.4 bbf. Total North American lumber production in 2017 was 62.2 bbf, a 2.2% increase from 2016.

Western U.S. lumber output up 16.5% in January
Lumber production in January in the western U.S. reached 1.27 billion board feet, up 16.5% over the same month in 2017, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Western Lumber Facts publication. Production in the Coast region increased 15.4% to 775 million board feet in January, while output in the Inland gained 16.6% to 451 mmbf.

Rex Lumber expands with new Alabama mill
Rex Lumber, Graceville, Fla., is expanding with a greenfield sawmill in Pike County, Ala. Rex currently operates three sawmills, two in the Florida panhandle and one in Mississippi, producing a total of 575 million board feet annually. This will be Rex Lumber's third sawmill expansion in 17 years. Annual production for the new mill will be a minimum of 240 mmbf. Rex Lumber anticipates the total capital cost to be approximately $110 million, including startup and working capital. Over 110 new direct jobs are expected to be created with this new location. Sitework at the new location is scheduled to start on March 15, 2018.

Hunt, Tolko announce new sawmill in Louisiana
Hunt Forest Products today announced that it will build a $115 million, state-of-the-art lumber mill in Urania, La. Construction is expected to start in April, and the new facility will employ approximately 60 people when operations begin in January 2019. The sawmill will employ approximately 110 people when it is operating at full capacity. Operating under the name LaSalle Lumber Company LLC, the sawmill project is a joint venture between Hunt Forest Products and Tolko Industries, Ltd., a 60-year-old family-owned Canadian forestry industry company that produces a wide range of forest products for customers around the world. Tolko, based in Vernon, British Columbia, will own a 50% share in the mill, which will be managed and operated by Hunt on a day-to-day basis. For more, click here...

Conflict may delay construction of Canfor mill in Georgia
Canfor Corporation (TSX:CFP) has been advised today by the contractor selected to build the greenfield mill in Washington, Ga., of a potential previous commitment that may prevent their construction of the facility. The company is working to rectify the situation, but may encounter delays relative to the construction schedule provided in yesterday's news release.

Canfor to build new sawmill in Georgia
The Board of Directors of Canfor Corporation (TSX:CFP) today approved the construction of a new, state-of-the-art sawmill in Washington, Ga. The new sawmill, which will cost approximately US$120 million and have a production capacity of 275 million board feet, will employ best-in-class mill technology, capitalizing on an excellent fiber resource in the region to produce high-value dimension and specialty lumber products. Strategically located near the company's existing glulam facility in Washington and the larger population centers in Athens and Augusta, the new mill will be able to draw on a strong and skilled employee base. Construction will commence in the second quarter of 2018, with the official start-up projected for the third quarter of 2019. For more, click here...

G-P planning new lumber mill in Georgia
Georgia-Pacific today announced it will build a new softwood lumber production facility in Warren County, Georgia, on property adjacent to its existing lumber mill. Construction of the $135 million, 340,000-square foot, technologically advanced plant is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018 with an anticipated startup in spring 2019. Georgia-Pacific’s existing lumber plant in Warren County will continue full operations until the new facility is completed. After startup of the new plant, Georgia-Pacific estimates hiring an additional 30 to 40 employees, bringing its workforce in Warren County to approximately 150 people. For more, click here...

North American lumber production up 2.4% through November
U.S. lumber production through November 2017 reached 31.4 billion board feet, up 4.4% from the same period of 2016, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Lumber Track publication. Output in the South totaled 16.9 bbf, up 5.4%, while production in the West was up 3.1% to 13.0 bbf. Lumber production in Canada through November totaled 26.3 bbf, virtually unchanged from the same period of 2016. Output in British Columbia was 12.0 bbf, down 4.7%, while production East of the Rockies was 14.3 bbf, up 4.5%. Total North American lumber production through November was 57.7 bbf, up 2.4%.

Western lumber production up 3% from previous year
Western lumber production totaled 14.06 billion board feet in 2017, up 3.0% from the previous year, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Western Lumber Facts publication. Total output in the Coast region in 2017 was 8.53 bbf, up 3.1% from 2016. Inland production in 2017 totaled 4.98 bbf, up 3.0%. During December, total production was 1.06 bbf, down 8.5% from November, but 2.1% above December 2016.

APA releases 4Q production statistics
North American structural panel production fell 1.7% in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the third quarter, according to APA -- The Engineered Wood Association. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, structural panel production was up 4.2%. OSB production increased 0.3% in the fourth quarter compared to the third quarter. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, North American OSB production was up 5.4%. Total OSB production for 2017 was 22.69 billion square feet, an increase of 3.9% from 2016. Plywood production in North America fell 5.8% in the fourth quarter relative to the third quarter of 2017. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, North American plywood production was up 1.8%. Total plywood production for 2017 was 11.02 bsf, up 2.4% from 2016. Compared to the third quarter of 2017, North American glulam production declined 10.3% in the fourth quarter. I-joist production fell 11%, and LVL output was down 6.9%. On a year-ago quarter basis, glulam production was up 5.4%, I-joist production increased 4.7%, and LVL production rose 16%.

U.S. lumber production up 4.3% through October; Canadian output flat
Through October, U.S. lumber production totaled 28.64 billion board feet, up 4.3% from the same period a year ago, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Lumber Track publication. Production in the South was up 5.5% through October, while output in the West increased 2.9%. Total Canadian lumber production reached 23.87 bbf through October, up 0.2% from the same period a year ago. Output in provinces east of the Rockies was up 4.8% through October, while it fell 4.7% in British Columbia.

Western lumber production up 3.1% through November
Through 11 months of 2017, lumber production in the western U.S. totaled 13.00 billion board feet, up 3.1% from the same period a year ago. The Western Wood Products Association's Western Lumber Facts reports that Coast production through November totaled 7.90 bbf, up 3.4%, while output in the Inland was 4.60 bbf, up 2.9%. For the month of November, western production was 1.15 bbf, down 7.3% from October, but up 4.2% from November 2016.

Tolko on schedule for OSB mill startup
Tolko Industries is on target to re-open its High Prairie oriented strand board mill. “The mill is poised to start a 24/7 operational schedule beginning Jan. 2, 2018,” plant manager Doug Stangier said. It will enable the company to produce OSB, most commonly used for sheathing in walls, flooring and roof decking for markets around the world. For more, click here...

Klausner plans to open North Carolina mill by April
Klausner Lumber Two informed the Halifax County Board of Commissioners its sawmill in Enfield, N.C., will open around April, after some delays, and on Tuesday, several Commissioners toured the site. The Commissioners toured the facility and learned how the plant has planned on cutting the logs into distinct individual pieces using more than a mile of machinery. They also learned that Klausner Lumber Two has planned to sell almost each part of a log, from the wooden boards to the shavings and bark. For more, click here...

Lumber production up, despite drop in B.C.
North American lumber production through the first three quarters of 2017 was slightly ahead of last year's pace. That takes into account a 5.0% drop in B.C. production. According to statistics from industry associations and Statistics Canada, lumber production through September totaled 46.9 billion board feet, 1.7% ahead of the 2016 pace. Total U.S. production was up 3.1%, while total output in Canada was on par with last year.

Rex Lumber announces plans for new mill
Rex Lumber, based in Graceville, Fla., announced plans to build a new sawmill in the Southeast. The company has identified several potential sites for the new facility. Company officials expect to make a decision on the location in early 2018 and commence construction shortly thereafter. Annual production at the new mill will reach a minimum of 240 million board feet. Capital costs for the project are estimated at $110 million. Rex Lumber currently operates three sawmills, including two in the Florida panhandle and one in Mississippi, with a total production capacity of 575 mmbf. The new project will be the company's third sawmill expansion in the last 17 years.

U.S. lumber production up 3.2% through August
Correction: Total U.S. lumber production in August was 3.0 billion board feet, up 9.7% from July and up 5.0% from August 2016, according to the Western Wood Products Association's Lumber Track publication. Through August, U.S. production was 22.7 bbf, up 3.2% from the same period a year ago. Production in the West was up 2.7% through August, while output in the South was up 3.6%.

Canfor adding second shift at Arkansas sawmill
Canfor Southern Pine, the operating company for Canfor’s operations in the United States, has made an investment of $8.8 million for upgrades at its sawmill in Urbana (Union County), Ark. “We are installing a third continuous dry kiln so we can increase lumber production substantially and add a second shift early in 2018,” said Derek Ratchford, Canfor Southern Pine’s regional manager for Arkansas. For more, click here...

SmartLam quadruples CLT production at former Weyerhaeuser site
SmartLam, the first commercial manufacturer of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in the U.S., is expanding its operations and headquarters into a former Weyerhaeuser lumber mill property in Columbia Falls, Mont., - quadrupling its production. Going from 20,000 cubic meters of CLT annually to over 80,000 in the new facility, the company will also install a state-of-the-art equipment line and add 75 new employees. The expanded site will also help SmartLam develop new types of engineered wood. For more, click here...

G-P to build new lumber mill in Alabama
Georgia-Pacific announced September 13 a new lumber production facility in Talladega, Alabama. Construction on the $100 million, 300,000-square-foot, technologically advanced plant is scheduled to begin immediately with an anticipated startup in late 2018. Once it is fully operational, the plant will employ more than 100 full-time employees and generate an estimated $5 million in annual payroll. For more, click here...

Tolko lays out plans to restart OSB mill
Tolko Industries Ltd. has laid out its general development plan to re-open its oriented strand board (OSB) mill in High Prairie, Alberta, in early 2018. A preliminary harvesting plan for the next five years was presented at an open house Aug. 17 at Peavine Inn and Suites. Production at the mill is expected to start in the first quarter of 2018. “We’ll start in the fourth quarter and bring in equipment,” says Tom Hoffman, Tolko manager of external and stakeholder relations. “It’s been nine years since the mill operated and it’s imperative to bring the mill up to production in a graduated and stepped progression to ensure we address all electrical, mechanical and through-put issues that will have arisen over that time.” Tolko hopes the mill will start to produce in 2018 in the second quarter, he says. For more, click here...

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