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Updated every Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm (Pacific Time). Last update: April 18, 2014.

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Random Lengths Lumber and Panel Market Report

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This report contains brief excerpts from our full 12-page newsletter, which includes prices of more than 1,600 lumber and panel items, plus detailed summaries of market activity. Contact Random Lengths for a free sample issue.

Random Lengths Lumber Market Report

Framing lumber prices were narrowly mixed in uninspiring trading. Upward moves in prices resulted in large part from limited follow-through to the previous week’s action. Most of that activity came ahead of a general slowdown on Thursday, as expectations for the latter half of the week were low given Easter observances and a number of offices scheduled to be closed on Good Friday. Modest gains in some species were offset by losses in others, and the Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite held at $362. 

  This Week
Apr 18
Last Week
Apr 11
Year Ago
Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price* $362 $362 $434
KD Western S-P-F #2&Btr 2x4 R/L Mill Price 334 336 374
KD Eastern S-P-F #1&2 2x4 R/L, delivered Great Lakes 435 440 477
Green Douglas Fir Std&Btr 2x4 R/L (Portland) 335 327 360
Southern Pine (Westside) #2 2x4 R/L 370 373 470
KD Coast Hem-Fir #2&Btr 2x4 R/L 388 388 420
Ponderosa Pine (Inland) #2&Btr 1x12 R/L 735 730 630
* Weighted average of 15 key items


Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Graph


Random Lengths Panel Market Report

Structural panel trends were mixed. The tone of trading improved in OSB; mills reported selling anywhere from a little to a lot more volume than they had in the past few weeks. Southern Pine plywood sales moderated in the wake of last week’s strong finish. Mills nevertheless sold enough to maintain solid two-week order files, and a few were booked into the week of May 5. Western Fir plywood traders reported uneven sales, and the overall pace lagged what they saw last week.

(f.o.b. mill prices) This Week
Apr 18
Last Week
Apr 11
Year Ago
Random Lengths Structural Panel Composite Price* $359 $354 $509
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 3-ply rated sheathing plywood 378-410 368-400 505-532
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 378-417 368-400 510-545
Western 1/2-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 387 382 480
North Central 7/16-inch Oriented Strand Board 210 205 405
*Weighted average of 11 key items




Industry News In "Through A Knothole"

Below are headlines of recent articles in the "Through A Knothole" section of our full 12-page newsletter, featuring articles of interest to the industry, including production/price trends, market analysis, trade issues, timber supplies, and much more. Contact Random Lengths for a free sample issue.

This Week in the "Through a Knothole" Section of Random Lengths

  • Compensation Survey, Part 2: Average compensation for wholesale/distribution managers in the wood products industry hardly budged in 2013, but respondents to an annual Random Lengths survey expect a bigger push in 2014.
  • The harsh winter that has gotten home building off to a slower-than-expected start and continued headwinds in mortgage finance have analysts lowering their projections for U.S. housing starts this year.
  • A slowdown in construction and tightening credit in China are lowering expectations for North American exports of wood products to this key offshore market.
  • They say things are always big in Texas, and when it comes to the economic and housing recoveries, the Lone Star State appears to be outsizing all others.
Monday, April 21, 2014


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