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Updated every Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm (Pacific Time). Last update: February 24, 2017.

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Random Lengths Lumber and Panel Market Report

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This report contains brief excerpts from our full 12-page newsletter, which includes prices of more than 1,600 lumber and panel items, plus detailed summaries of market activity. Contact Random Lengths for a free sample issue.

Random Lengths Lumber Market Report

Sales of framing lumber were focused heavily on the secondary market, where wholesalers and distributors digested recent purchases and higher prices. Upward price momentum at the mills largely stalled. However, some prices carried higher on solid mill order files and momentum from the recent run. Price cracks were also seen, most notably in Western S-P-F #2&Btr, as sellers made adjustments toward markedly lower prices in the secondary market and futures.

  This Week
Feb 24
Last Week
Feb 17
Year Ago
Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price* $410 $405 $315
KD Western S-P-F #2&Btr 2x4 R/L Mill Price 385 389 271
KD Eastern S-P-F #1&2 2x4 R/L, delivered Great Lakes 449 447 364
Green Douglas Fir Std&Btr 2x4 R/L (Portland) 370 370 318
Southern Pine (Westside) #2 2x4 R/L 488 476 372
KD Coast Hem-Fir #2&Btr 2x4 R/L 400 400 310
Ponderosa Pine (Inland) #2&Btr 1x12 R/L 580 570 670
* Weighted average of 15 key items



Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Graph



Random Lengths Panel Market Report

Structural panel trading lost momentum after an active start in February. Mill sales of OSB slowed across North America. Buyers moved to the sidelines and digested previous purchases, while producers leaned on lengthy order files. Southern Pine plywood buyers settled into digestion mode, and sales slowed in all three zones, especially in the latter part of the week. Western Fir plywood sales were solid overall, but the trading pace was uneven. Traders reported spurts of activity, followed by lulls.

(f.o.b. mill prices)

(f.o.b. mill prices) This Week
Feb 24
Last Week
Feb 17
Year Ago
Random Lengths Structural Panel Composite Price* $406 $401 $348
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 3-ply rated sheathing plywood 400-415 395-410 368-395
Southern (west-east) 15/32-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 400-415 395-410 370-398
Western 1/2-inch 4-ply rated sheathing plywood 412 409 330
North Central 7/16-inch Oriented Strand Board 305 302 227
*Weighted average of 11 key items




Industry News In "Through A Knothole"

Below are headlines of recent articles in the "Through A Knothole" section of our full 12-page newsletter, featuring articles of interest to the industry, including production/price trends, market analysis, trade issues, timber supplies, and much more. Contact Random Lengths for a free sample issue.

This Week in the "Through a Knothole" Section of Random Lengths

  • Extensive marketing efforts worldwide helped Southern Pine lumber exports overcome unfavorable currency exchange rates and strong global competition to hit record volumes in 2016, according to the Southern Forest Products Association.
  • After hitting a historically high premium to its #3 counterpart just last summer, the reported price of Ponderosa Pine #2&Btr 1x12 is now sitting at a historically low advantage over its lower grade 12-inch counterpart.
  • The recent price surge in nearly every market was a welcome relief for many producers, particularly western Fir plywood mills. Before sheathing prices took off earlier this month, raw material costs were ramping up and putting a squeeze on producers.
  • The recent spike in lumber prices has homebuilders nervous about supply and increased costs during spring. Many have already signed contracts with clients and plan to break ground in the next few months, but are watching a strengthening lumber market eat away at their profit margins.
Monday, February 27, 2017


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