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Random Lengths Lumber and Panel Composite Poster

sku: POSTER18

Composite Poster

From January 2008 through December 2017, mailed mid-February 2018

An attractive, 19x25 chart tracking the Framing Lumber Composite Price from January 2008 through December 2017. The flip side tracks the Structural Panel Composite Price for the same period. The chart also pinpoints events that shaped the markets since the beginning of 2008. This chart is updated every two years. Mailed by request mid-February 2018.

To order your FREE printed Composite Poster, to be delivered to you by mail, ADD TO CART to the right. When deciding on quantity, note that the poster is double-sided, lumber on one side and panel on the back. If you want to display both lumber and panel on your wall, you will need two posters.

NOTE: Free printed posters are available to Random Lengths subscribers, and those employed in the forest products or allied industries.

Composite Poster 2008 to 2017  (PDF version)

View/Download the PDF file   PDF file is printed at actual poster size, 19" x 25".

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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