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Big Book Annual Renewal List

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Big Book Annual Renewal

This guarantees you the lowest price for the number of copies you order each year!

More information about The Big Book

Sign up for the FREE Big Book Annual Renewal list, and be reminded every year of your order. When you receive the reminder, you can change your order before confirmation and payment. Signing up guarantees you will be billed for the guaranteed lowest price available for the number of copies you reserve when the book is delivered.

The next reminder will be sent for The 2019 Big Book (available in February 2019)

There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase the book when you sign up for the FREE Annual Renewal Reminder list. When you receive the reminder, you can review your order information, change the quantity, or even cancel the order at that time.

» Add your name and contact information to the FREE annual renewal list by selecting the quantity you want on the upper right of this page, selecting the Add to Cart button, and providing your name and contact information to be added to the list.

» Before the Big Book is shipped each February, you will receive a notification reminding you of your order. You are under no obligation. You can change your order, or cancel your order at that time.

» When your receive that email, click through to the link provided to review your order and pay for the book.

Questions? Contact Random Lengths! E-mail: Toll-free (in U.S. and Canada), phone: (888) 686-9925, and fax: (800) 874-7979. Phone: (541) 686-9925, and fax: (541) 686-9629.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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